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Our aspiration is to play a pivotal role in the space of financial inclusion by helping each ‘stage entrepreneur’, by extending appropriate financing solutions, resulting in overall economic upliftment.



Women entrepreneurs are leading the charge to produce innovative solutions for bringing a positive change in society. In doing so, they are showcasing their unique approach to management, organisation and solving business problems. We at Swara Fincare want to be part of these inspiring stories and journeys.

Swara Business loan not only helps women in growing their business operations by streamlining production processes, eliminating cash-flow disruptions and expanding to new markets but also solves many of the traditional disadvantages faced by women entrepreneurs in India.


Swara’s Personal loans are an unsecured form of credit that is popular to meet immediate requirements. It is multi-purpose in nature and therefore can be used for various purposes including weddings, home renovations, travel purposes, and more.


Moreover, there is no restriction for the amount borrowed and can be used for any purpose they want.

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Swara offers customized business loans for small and medium businesses in India. Whether you want to revamp your business, launch a new store, buy new machinery, increase working capital Swara Unsecured Business Loans offer you customized loans to suit your business plan.

Many small businesses witness hindrances in their growth majorly due to lack of credit. The business loan purpose for small traders is to maintain healthy cash flow. They require a business loan to expand their business by buying new or upgrading stocks.


Agriculture and its allied sectors contribute to more than 12% of India’s GDP and they also make up to 50% of the Indian workforce. With agriculture being the bread and butter of thousands of farmers across the country, the need for livestock resources is only increasing.


Swara Livestock Loan gives the opportunity to the users to buy cows and buffalos. Most importantly the loan also comes with an insurance for the animals. This majorly covers any extra monetary contribution and helps in savings as well.



Swara Fincare offers consumer loan at an attractive interest rate and zero-down payments that makes it an ideal solution for buying the required consumer durables. Our consumer durable loan is for buying durable home appliances and electronic items with easy EMI repayment options.

Consumer Durable Loans can be used to purchase a wide variety of goods like air conditioners, televisions, refrigerators, laptops, smart phones and much more.

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